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What We Do

Planting an International Church

We are planting an international church in Davao City with the vision of reaching the nations and transforming lives through faith. Our mission is to teach the spiritual gifts and nurture a deep, authentic faith within a diverse community. By offering inclusive worship services, practical teachings, and community outreach, we aim to empower individuals to live out their God-given potential. Join us as we build a thriving spiritual family that impacts Davao City and beyond.

Teaching Pastors & Leaders

We are developing a comprehensive curriculum to educate both the young and old about the five-fold gifts, empowering pastors and leaders in Davao City and across Mindanao Island. Our carefully crafted lessons aim to deepen understanding and practical application of these spiritual gifts in everyday ministry. By offering age-appropriate materials and interactive learning experiences, we ensure that all participants grow in their faith and leadership abilities. Join us in equipping a new generation of church leaders to transform their communities with the power of the five-fold ministry.

Sending Missionaries

We are training and sending dedicated Filipino missionaries across the island of Mindanao, venturing into some of the most challenging and dangerous areas for Christians. Our comprehensive training program equips these brave individuals with the skills and spiritual resilience needed to thrive in hostile environments. By supporting their mission, we aim to bring hope and transformation to communities that desperately need it. Join us in this bold endeavor to spread faith and love in the face of adversity.

Our Ministry Needs


Monthly Support

Monthly donations enable us to extend our reach, providing essential resources and support to transform countless lives through our ministry’s outreach and community programs.

• Medical
• Housing and insurance
• Food and clothing
• Children’s schooling

One Time Gifts

One-time donations not only make a tremendous impact by enabling vital ministry efforts, but they are also tax-deductible, providing financial benefits to our generous partners.

• Ministry Supplies
• Bibles
• Language School
Travel Costs

International Church Davao


Your donations to our international church will create generational change by fostering a deeply rooted spiritual foundation that transforms individuals, families, and entire communities for generations to come.

• Musical Instruments
• Building Accommodation
• Furniture and Equipment
• Space for workshops and training



1. Monthly Support & Gifts

Join us as a monthly partner and be a crucial part of spreading the Gospel and transforming hearts across the globe. Your consistent financial support empowers us to bring lasting spiritual, educational, and social impact to communities in need.

2. Commit to Pray

Join us in fervent prayer as we seek to reach the lost people in the Philippines, bringing them the hope and love of Christ. Together, through the power of prayer, we can make an eternal impact transforming lives and build a thriving community of believers in this beautiful nation.
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3. Get A Passport

Join us on the mission field and experience the profound joy of making a lasting impact in the lives of those who have never heard the Good News. Together, we can bring about lasting change and create a ripple effect of love and faith across the world.
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Schedule an Online Meeting

We warmly welcome video meetings for supporters, pastors, prayer partners and those interested in missions to discuss ministry and build meaningful connections. These virtual gatherings allow us to share our vision, answer questions, and engage in heartfelt conversations. Additionally, we are always open and available to anyone in need of prayer, offering support and encouragement through every challenge. Our commitment is to be a constant source of spiritual strength and comfort for all who reach out to us.

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