“We serve a living God for the living, not a dead God for the dead. God isn’t waiting for us to die, but he’s waiting for us to meet with Him. His name is Immanuel, God with us.” – Justin Gilpin

Welcome to Justin Gilpin (dot) com, a site dedicated to exposing the truth about many different topics, especially the biggest known philosophy question. “How did the universe begin?

Our goal is to help empower the lives of the people by giving them vision and answering another big philosophy question, “Why am I here?” Take the adventure with us as we dig into these questions of life.

Other than taking incredible journeys into the world’s biggest questions and mysteries, we will be supplying untold amounts of stories about Justin Gilpin. This young man was born in the mid 80’s who acquired many radical stories to share before he ever reached his twenties. The nearly famous stories that are being told are about his near death experience and about his journey on how to die.

Authors Words

Hi my name is Justin Gilpin, I’m from Georgia, and lived most of my life in the northern mountains. My life as a teenager was spent mostly on two wheels riding dirt bikes. If I was inside, then I’d surely be on the computer or drumset.

I enjoy the fast pace life of living it up and taking adventures. My moto has always been, “work hard and play hard”. Now I’m living in the Philippines and have many missionary stories to tell. In early 2012 I received the gift of healing from God, and have since seen the prayer for healing heal hundreds of people.

I have a strong desire to let the world know that God is very much alive and well, and even written about evangelism training so others can join. Take a look around and feel free to comment on anything that interests you.

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