Angels Rejoice Over You

Merry Christmas from the Philippines!

I wish each to have the most blessed time with your family and friends during the holidays, and to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

This past year has been one of the most challenging and rewarding years of my life. At times I couldn’t be going through a valley any deeper than the one I’m on, as I have missed all of my friend’s + family’s birthdays and all our laughs and inside jokes. I miss each of your bright smiles, and pray that I am not forgotten while I preach over in this foreign land. Other times, I see the amazing works of our Lord Jesus Christ; healing the sick and mending the broken hearted, at which point I feel as though I’m riding a cloud.

So despite all our struggles and handicaps; despite all our confusion and lack, remember what the true meaning of Christmas is about. It’s about having a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ who is Emmanuel, God with us! Jesus has made it possible and expanded your family! So remember to pray for God’s children, as they too have been struggling as well. We are children of the Most High God, and have all been adopted by Him and call Him our Abba Father!

The year has been filled with great victory in God’s Kingdom as I’ve seen many allow God to be their King, while they are His dominion. At the moment when this act has taken place, the angels rejoice for the one who has been saved from condemnation. Great joy has filled my heart to see these things take place, but has cost me a great deal. I’ve given up my closest relationships with family and friends to see God’s Kingdom established here in Southern Asia. So remember the true meaning of Christmas this year, so that in the following we will have become stronger and all the more wiser, filled with vision and purpose. For nothing is void when you follow the destiny that God has set before you!

If every person you encounter is drawn closer to God, because having meet you; then your life will be filled with great purpose and echo through eternity! I urge you to share the true meaning of Christmas and not let my words be in vein. No present can be given that is greater than the knowledge of the Truth, not even one filled with millions of dollars.

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