Prophetic Dreams still Exists!

It’s not a cliché when I say we serve a good good Father, but it is the truth! Planting the church and traveling around, evangelizing, and creating bible studies was amazing during the summer. Starting a new church and assisting … Read More

Church Planting in the Philippines

I’m grateful for all the wonderful things that are going on in the lives of the Filipino pastors and those around us. I have a lot of great news to share as well, that I don’t really know where to … Read More

Boy gets Healed in front of Doctor

I never get tired of saying God likes to show off. It’s like the shampoo bottle that says wash and repeat, but I hear it as, “Watch and repeat”.  We’ve been blessed to partner with a medical team to offer … Read More

People help each other after the Hurricane

This missionary survived a hurricane, and saw the hand of God in the midst of tragedy. Life can throw us unexpected storms, and that’s exactly what happened just before Christmas when a typhoon (aka hurricane) hit our town in Mindoro … Read More

Doctor says No but Jesus says Yes!

Things look pretty crazy when our focus is on the TV’s news or browsing Facebook feeds. But there is a place of security that can be found within from God. For me personally, I’ve faced the craziness of all the … Read More

God Heals Worship Leader!

The past 2 months have been quite exciting and/or challenging. I have witnessed the wonders of life and pain all at the same time. God continues to work in all the ministries here in Mindoro. Challenges in life aren’t always … Read More

Quack doctor becomes a believer!

Being back in the Philippines have been nothing short of spectacular! In the short time back, we have seen many come to know Christ, two churches get planted and many people get healed! The two (Summer of Service) SOS church … Read More

Lots of miracles caught on video!

In just one month, so much has changed! Long story short is that I’ve got a plane ticket to the Philippines and will be departing in two weeks on March 28th. So grateful for all of the new partners God … Read More

There is no break in Ministry!

Praise be to the Lord who makes everything beautiful in His time. Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance. I can only be grateful for how much God has been renewing my mind, … Read More

In America God Heals

Video of Miracle Healing Testimonies! Yet again, God shows Himself to be all power and all in control! Only thing that is required of us is to renew our minds and seek after Him. I want to share with you … Read More