Preaching Styles for Street Preachers

What prompts a street preacher to convict the world of sin? Doesn’t this push people away from God, rather than to Him? So many have wondered these questions, and here we will discuss them in full detail. By no means … Read More

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

Are we suppose to heal the sick and cast out demons? If God wants to use His people for this, wouldn’t you want to know? Here I’m going to display many verses, but I ask that each of you pray … Read More

Prayer of Salvation and Its Meaning

The Salvation prayer (a.k.a. Sinners prayer) isn’t a special formula that is required to be forgiven by God and go to heaven. Any prayer said out of your heart asking God forgiveness for our sins is all that’s required. Sin … Read More

How To Discipline Children and Teach Morals

Our kids are the next generation, and it’s important that we teach them good morals and behaviors. All around the world, especially in western countries, we can see the lack of disciple in many children. It’s time we take the … Read More

Evangelism Training

Many are scared to talk about God as they don’t want to force religion on anybody. I would agree with not wanting to force anything on anybody, as “Kindness of God, leads to repentance”? Are you willing to take a … Read More