Prayer For Healing

Imagine – for one painful moment – that your doctor said, “Your daughter will never survive.” Just a couple weeks ago, a new father and mother heard these words. Does the prayer for healing work?

They didn’t have enough money to afford an operation for their newborn so they were forced to go to a community hospital in this third world country here in the Philippines. Many times people go to quack doctors because of expenses. Instead, go to a Christian with faith and give your healing prayer requests to God together!

Prayer for Healing for a Dying Baby

The parents were of age, and they had tried for 8 years to have a baby, and neither of them could stop crying. While witnessing to them, God spoke to me, “Their baby girl is going to live”. Then I told them this before I ever knew the baby was dying, nor did I know it was a baby girl. This is a very common situation here in the Philippines for people to die, because they don’t have money for a simple operation. The whole time I had a translator and wasn’t too concerned with the baby’s condition, GOD HEALS ANY SICKNESS! We lead the father and mother to Christ, and then proceeded to pray for their baby…

God Heals

The baby looked premature, and sitting in a little box with oxygen pouring in. I noticed the entire time we were there that the baby never stopped crying. Though her health may have been bad, JESUS IS ABLE! We prayed and nothing drastic happened, but I had peace that we did exactly what God wanted us to do. Even though the baby was still crying, I knew God was working on her. I told the mother that her baby is going to live and she does not need to worry. She told us that if her baby lives, she would come to our church and give her testimony, as it would be a miracle!

The next Sunday, our team member who translated for me, got a text message saying, “My baby was released from the hospital! Praise God!” That baby is a walking miracle. There is no difference if you’re dying. GOD IS ABLE!

Prayer Videos

Watch this video of God healing all sorts of sickness, INCLUDING the deaf!

12 thoughts on “Prayer For Healing”

  1. I truly need to experience God’s power, purpose, prosperity and healing today! I’m lonely and exhausted. In a few days, I and my family will be homeless, I have one daughter in the hospital and another in another country that I haven’t been able to see in years and the very little money that I have left is quickly depleting. Therefore, I’m on bended knee begging God to quickly bless me w/financial abundance, safe & secure housing, true friendship(s), healing for the one-daughter and reconciliation with the other.

    • Hi,

      God promises never to leave us nor forsake us. He hasn’t and He won’t leave you. Even in my struggles I know God is still God, and that His ways are higher than my ways, and His thoughts are higher than my thoughts. Many times I’ve seen people healed inside hospitals. I will be praying for your daughter to be healed completely that even the doctors will be in awe of God’s power! God also provides for all of our needs, just listen to His voice and follow Him. By reading the Bible you’ll hear His voice better. Continue to walk in righteous as God promises He will with hold no good thing from those who are righteous.

      Praying for you!

  2. Thank you brother for your prayers. please pray for the safety and protection of my wife and I. My wife is having surgery on her hernia and tumor. I desire strength to take care of our family and peace that surpasses all understanding at all times. My father in law has 12 blood clots that passed his heart and into his lungs that need to be dissolved. I count my blessings and lean on the LORD. Please pray deliverance and peace. Luke and Breanna

    • Hi Luke,

      It is so according to your faith. In the name of Jesus, I command for healing in the hernia and tumor! I speak LIFE in Your name Jesus! Total restoration in Your name, over Luke’s father in law. God You’ve healed many clots, have compassion and do the same with this man. Thank you Jesus! You are the Healer! In your name i pray Amen!

    • Tanga,

      God have your way in Tanga’s marriage. You understand what we don’t. I ask for Your hand to be upon them both. Pour love and joy back into their lives, that they view the other’s needs before their own. God I speak for wisdom upon them both to find what they need from You! Lord Jesus, You are the source of all good things. May we forever fix our eyes on You and not on our situation. In Your name Jesus, Amen!

  3. please pray for my wife, Nancy’s healing from near kidney failure and severe infection, as well as healing for her to regain her strength completely, thank you.

  4. Please pray for me my girlfriend Kimberly is today cured of her illness by the doctors in the hospital and that she responds to my Hotmail and Gmail messages. And for her to come on messaging and hangouts chat and please pray for me that gift card scams permanently stop and that all criminals Google’s accounts are terminated permanently by Google right now. Not all scammers get permanently banned from Hangouts. And criminals not allowed to use WhatsApp anymore whatsapp permanently ban them. Today I would like Facebook and PayPal to go bankrupt they’re both evil companies that enjoy ruining people’s lives.


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