Can God Use Me To Heal the Sick?

Can God Use Me To Heal The Sick
Have you ever felt like God can’t use you? Well I sure have! More so as a missionary because of language barriers. But let me share to you a story that will touch your heart and inspire you to be open to God’s voice.

This story of mine begins with a desire to help somebody who earnestly needs it. I left early in the morning and headed to the hospital with nobody to help translate for me. I planned to just get there, and ask God where I should go. If they didn’t understand my English, it didn’t matter, as I’d still pray for them.

After arriving at the hospital I could sense God leading me to a room down the hall. A quiet voice was guiding me. As what is written in the Bible; “the Spirit will be our Guide.” How can the Spirit “guide” us anywhere if we don’t know how to listen? The room I arrived at happened to all be perfect at English, and family to the mayor of the island next door to Cebu! I knew God had really sent me here to speak over them, and lead them to Christ! They were inviting me to their island so they could give me a tour of the place, but I had said to them,”The reason I had come was to pray for their mother, and watch God heal her.”

Her case for being in the hosital was from a kidney failure. She had a swollen stomach and leg because of the kidney. While talking to them about what was going on, the nurse who was also her family, took her blood sugar. It was at “215” and the normal should be much lower. After prayer all the pain in her body left! She was shocked! After this I asked the nurse to check the blood surgar again even though it’s only been 5 minutes. He pricked her finger and the machine said “170”. The nurse grinned then looked at me. I knew what God had done, but asked, “Is it possible to go down so fast?” Nurse replied, “Only with an insulin shot!”

God had demonstrated another miracle! This time making an impact in the government’s families! The Lord not only used my willingness to help others, but shook the lives of everyone in that room. I had to be quick to give God glory as the elderly woman who had got healed began to look at me like some Catholic saint. Though all to God’s glory, it makes it easier to tell them that Jesus wants a relationship with them, the way I have with Him!

God can use anybody! Believe me, I’m no different than you! My blood is red and I still make mistakes! God can and will use you, if you allow Him! Pray right now and ask God to make known His purpose for your life. He will give you purpose that will steer you away from self, and point you to others. It will liberate you from stress and worry, as God will pour out His Spirit that bears the fruit of love, joy, and peace. That fruit is much better than the American dream, “The pursuit of happiness” as it’s a promise not a pursuit.

Let us stop drinking milk and upgrade to food! Jesus said, “My food is to do the will of my Father.” If you’d like to see the same kind of miracles happen to people once you pray for them, then I’d like to put you on my prayer list! Don’t write yourself off because you don’t know how! Or maybe your thinking you live to far from me?! I’m recruiting for those who live in Georgia as well! When I get the chance to visit to the States in the near future, I will be spending much of my time flexing my spiritual muscles praying for the sick, and watching God heal them! What better way to learn, then with a group who all desire the same thing?

I’m at the beginning of my walk as a missionary, and as an evangelist. I don’t claim to know much, but what I do know I’m willing to impart. Many here in the Philippines also get the chance to pray over the sick, and watch God heal them even in my absence. I never expected a year ago that I’d get too see hundreds of miracles from deaf, paralyzed and cancer all being healed! I stand in awe of the power of God, and what He’s said in His Word! Healing is ment for today, and is ment for every country! I’m looking forward to your response of obedience when He said, “God heal the sick”. God bless and comment below if you have any questions!

P.S. I recommend John G. Lake ministries which is currently being led by Curry Blake. He is an inspiration to me and many others as a great teacher on how to heal the sick. Download Mp3’s or Youtube videos of his series called “Divine Healing Technician aka DHT”. Click here for more.

Because they haven’t heard,
Justin Gilpin

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