Doctor says No but Jesus says Yes!

Things look pretty crazy when our focus is on the TV’s news or browsing Facebook feeds. But there is a place of security that can be found within from God. For me personally, I’ve faced the craziness of all the bad things going on in the world, and it usually makes me upset thinking about politics and global terrorism. We can’t let that be our sole focus or we’re letting the enemy win by putting us into a state of fear and anger.

As you’re beloved missionary, I’m not here to say don’t talk about politics, but lets make real change by being the change. Posting about politics because we’re angry won’t fix anything. But teaching our congregations, families, and friends to vote for those who lead righteous lives with good morals well. But this email isn’t about politics at all, it’s about refocusing our thoughts on Jesus and being thankful for everything the Lord has given. Thankfulness is the most underrated quality I’ve ever come across. It has the power to break people from depression, and the ability to spark revival within the human soul.

Living so far from all my family and friends has taught me to have this thankfulness that I’m speaking of. Honestly, it didn’t come easy. Though, I am grateful for the memories I’ve shared with you all and the messages that I received on my birthday last week. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be your spokesmen to preach the Gospel where it’s not been preached! I’m thankful having the opportunity to see a baby worship God! I’m thankful to God for sending us another missionary family to help us do the work God has called us to do here in Mindoro!

God continues to grow the churches and each of us missionaries and pastors. My language studies are going well. I’m at that stage where I understand a handful of words but not the whole context. It’s confusing to say the least! I also want to say congratulations to Bryan and Jennifer who just had their baby boy! The doctors gave them little hope, but they believed in getting a second opinion from another Doctor from above. They had me and others pray for them just over 9 months ago. God is above any bad report you get from your doctor!

Have a blessed Thanks Giving and know that many are expecting great things out of you all! I for one am praying you will be the best you possible!

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