Free Audio Bible Download in MP3

This is too all those people who hate to read for hours on end! Get the Bible on audio so you can listen to it while you drive to work or sit at home. Just got done listening to the first and second chapter of Matthew. The Dramatized English Standard Version sounds very good and is easy to listen to.

Download ESV New Testament by chapters at Amazon while it’s here to be found! Or you can follow my lead, and download the entire Bible in one click for free! Heads up, they ask for an email address, but I didn’t have to confirm it.

Thanks so much to Faith Comes by Hearing for providing this free service. I also noticed there are a many different languages along with different versions, and kids dramatized version too!

This is a gold mine! Just last year I was looking into finding NT and OT in MP3 audio, but it was so expensive. Now, it’s offered for free as it should be! Download time is great considering it’s a big file. Though, because it’s a big file I recommend downloading a download manager for windows or mac free to prevent the download from getting corrupted. God bless all of you who no longer have to force yourself to read, but have a free audio Bible available for download!

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