God Heals Worship Leader!

The past 2 months have been quite exciting and/or challenging. I have witnessed the wonders of life and pain all at the same time. God continues to work in all the ministries here in Mindoro. Challenges in life aren’t always sent by God. Sometimes things just happen. As it says in the Bible, “It rains on the just and unjust.” I was given a chance to visit the church of one of my friends here in Calapan Mindoro. He is not Assemblies of God, but is still a very passionate man of God. At their church I was just trying to sit in the chair and hear from God. That particular week had been very busy for me. After his long preaching he had me come to the front and share a testimony of how I became a missionary. Then immediately after, I felt led to pray for any who were sick.

Of the handful that came up for prayer, all were healed. The one that really stood out to me was a young man in his twenties. He told me how he used to be the worship leader in the church, and then something happened to his lungs and throat that prevented him from singing.
Granted, he wasn’t a professional singer like the one who got healed in Cebu. But he still had a desire to be God’s worshipping Levite. My heart broke for him as he clearly had a hard time talking normally, and even breathing. I prayed for him and he said he didn’t notice much. I reminded him that we aren’t seeking for a feeling, but for God’s healing that can only be accessed by faith. About two weeks after the service, I bumped into one of the members of the church. She told me that he is now leading worship once again! Praise God for what He has done!

I heard this recently from one of my favorite preachers: “The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy, but God takes the rap a lot of the times. The devil is the accuser of the brethren, and also accuses God to the brethren. Then we get mad at God for something He never did.
‘God is sovereign so what will be will be’ is twisted. If God is in control then why do we have life and death in the tongue? You couldn’t speak death, you’d have no ability, why? Cause God would control your tongue. Not everything that happens is the will of God. A lot of times we think everything is the will of God. If God’s in control then why would you need to pray? Because what’s going to happen will happen anyway. Why have faith? Cause God’s doing it, just let it go. A lot of the church is in a this state, ‘Well, God’s in control brother… you know.’ Satan then gets away with one, then the next 20. Before you know it, you’re bitter at God. Satan came to steal kill and destroy, but Jesus came to give us abundant life.”

Personally I’ve had my own challenges. One was being without a computer for nearly two months. Then during that time I got sick, messed up my knee, and just recently sprained my ankle. The ankle is from a dirt bike accident while riding with some friends. Despite that
I’ve been so blessed! So many people have shown me that I am their friend by visiting me while I couldn’t walk. I’ve had more than 10+ people bring me food, and/or clean my house + laundry. I am just speechless, as they have really treated me like family! A business family I have been witnessing to is now starting to come to church. My old computer was repaired for free by Apple because of a defect. Not only was it repaired, but they actually put an entirely new motherboard in it. That is basically like getting a new computer! I’ve also found a great Tagalog language teacher here at the college near me. It’s no easy task to learn a language, but she is such a good teacher.

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