Making Changes for the Best!

The saga of Joseph from the bible continues. I wrote about him in my last article; how a series of events made me see the story in a whole new light accompanied by dreams. Well, yet again this missionary has had another dream that came to pass.

About a month ago I had a dream I was working with Dwight Palmquist. Dwight is a missionary who is well known all over the Philippines and among AG missionaries. I never did get the chance to work with him, but have wanted to before I ever started my second term. He evangelizes with a powerful anointing, leading many to Christ. He travels from church to church methodically in his van. Basically has no permanent home or family, yet he is full of Christ. Sometimes he does travel to dangerous areas, but God has continued to protect him. Dwight is one whom I would be proud to learn from. Evangelism and church planting are becoming a part of me. But I still say the pentacle of my success is leading somebody to Christ.

I never brought up the dream to Dwight, nor did I try and contact him. But through a series of events, he has offered to teach me through the remainder of my term. Nothing is final if I will extend another year into 2018, but that is still my goal. We are both excited to work together, but I’m sure it will be a real culture shock for me. I like how Thomas Edison put it, “We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work”. I prepare to live with only what I can carry. Sadly had to say goodbye to my 6-month-old puppy, but found her good home. She will be protecting one of the local pastors, and hopefully be as obedient with them as she was with me.

The hardest thing every missionary has to face, is saying goodbye. Whether to family and friends back home, or to new ones we’ve acquired on our mission. I’ve got very close to many of the local pastors and missionaries here, and know that friendship is always cherished. They will all be missed and my prayers will continue to reach them. I’ll try my best to keep you up to date with my move on Facebook as it’s happening all so fast. Do pray for me as I close the page to this chapter while beginning a new one. Thanks to all my supporters in partnering with me, to make Christ known in a land where a relationship with Christ seems foreign. Many lives have been changed and are continuing to be changed. God bless you as you’re in my prayers! And God bless America during these elections!

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    • Jesus didnt make us slaves or angels forced to love him. But true love is a choice and mankind has made mistakes consistently but the love of God has given us a way to know Him as a personal God, even while here on earth. God isn’t dead and His desire is that none shall perish. Praying for you to be blessed


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