Merry Christmas 2019

         We pray and hope that you and your family are as blessed as ours! We are spending our first holidays together as a married couple while traveling to churches every weekend for the last few months. God deserves all the glory because He continues to prove to us that He is Jehovah Rapha (Your Healer). Anna and I did our first co-op teaching for our local church’s prayer team, on the topic of Jesus as our Healer. We’ve also completed a Facebook campaign that went very well and we are nearly ready to head back on the field by in 2020.

         Our time together on the road and speaking at churches has been challenging and rewarding. The challenge has mostly come from me still taking a full course of college classes, and that it consumes my time as well as our times on the road between destinations. Thankfully though our time with the pastors and churches have been very refreshing. Anna and I have both learned how we complement each other in ministry. Of course, we are still learning more about each other strengths and weaknesses, but being together has really benefited us both in many ways. We’re grateful for those years we were both missionaries as singles, but now we’re able to minister together.

        The first co-op teaching Anna and I did, was a success. We spoke to the altar team of about 50 people regarding faith and healing and our experiences with miracles and hindrances. It was a great time of teaching and we were privileged to be invited. After the end of service, the love of Christ was displayed in all of us as we prayed for each other. We witnessed God set people free from life’s struggles and physical ailments. To God be the glory!

        In our travels, we have met many people who weren’t told that Jesus loved them until they became adults, even here in the Bible belt with a church on every corner. The Lord began to bring people to Anna’s mind who she didn’t share the story of Jesus with while in high school. She had invited people to church and prayed with people, but she never presented the gospel to them in a simple form or invited them to know 

Jesus for themselves. Anna was convicted and felt the need to fix this. She recently invited an old high school friend over and apologized. Soon after, she shared the story of Jesus with them and began disciplining her friend. Praise God for His conviction and His willingness to continuously pursue the people around us. I pray God blesses you the same with somebody to share with who maybe hasn’t been told the story of a wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ.

Because they haven’t heard,
Justin & Anna Gilpin

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