Prayer for Health Inside Hospitals = Miracles

You’ve heard the claims of people having the gift of healing, but what happens when they begin to walk inside hospitals? Here is a story that will mix the two together for an amazing explosion of awesomeness! The anointing is not from man, but from Jesus. Jesus is the anointed one and lives in you! We don’t have to ask any man to pray for us as we can get it from the source, Jesus.

As long as I can remember, I’ve always had compassion for the sick. Teaching others how to walk in faith as well, finally being accepted to walk in and out of two hospitals. From private room to private room, our prayer group goes preaching the Good News. We don’t teach doctrine, nor do we teach any religion. The bottom line is that they hear Jesus died to cover their sins and bring them back to God. He has given us a ministry of reconciliation!

This particular afternoon we prayed for a room number and then went straight to the 6th floor to find the room “602”. Upon entering there was an elderly lady lying on the bed with oxygen tubes placed in her nose. There was also another couple who was complacent with our presence to encourage them and offer free prayers.

Stirring Up The Faith to Speak His Promise

Looking back at their situation, I can see how discouraged they must have felt before we had entered. The man’s mother was sick lying in bed helpless, while he suffered from severe pain in his side and his wife had a painful ulcer for over two years. I was blessed to have one of the team members translating for me, while sharing how God wants us to be sure of our salvation. None of them knew Jesus, other than He’s the Son of Mary. They didn’t even know if they were going to heaven, or even how to get to heaven. It didn’t take long and they were filled with assurance of being sealed by the Holy Spirit, and set to be with God for eternity!

Two of the ladies from the prayer group were talking to the old lady, who eventually refused to have anything to do with us. While another one of the members and I had been talking with the married couple. God spoke to me that the man was going to get healed, then excitement set in my heart. I’m still learning how to hear His voice, but the more I draw closer to Him, the easier it is. When the only voice you seek to hear is His voice, then you will hear it. This requires that one ignores their own thoughts and ideas, but seeks after God’s. After we prayed to ask Jesus to forgive us and seal us with the Holy Spirit; I told the middle aged man what God had told me. It is this type of faith that moves mountains! Faith requires us to speak and believe, before we see the results!

Prayer for Health Cures Anything!

The man in whose name I still don’t know sat down to be prayed for. I told him, “The moment we lay hands and pray for you, God will touch and heal you.” He had also got checked up at the hospital that day, but the results weren’t in. My guess was that it was appendicitis but who knows? He said it’s always in pain and that it’s at a level of 5 where 10 would be a maximum amount of pain one could bear. We prayed believing it was already done, because that is His word, “By his wounds we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5

After the prayer he was healed! It was translated back to me that there was only minor pain. So I asked the wife to lay her hands on his side to complete the healing. She proceeded to pull out her rosary to pray, while asking me if it’s okay? I asked her, “If God requires that for Him to hear you, then I wouldn’t worry about there being a God.” She smiled and placed it back in her jeans pocket. The lady was so attentive to everything I said even though she could hardly understand English.

I only wanted to demonstrate that God could use anybody to heal the sick. This was the reason why I asked her to lay her hands on him. It’s already religious enough here in the Philippines and the last thing I need is for somebody to look to me as his or her mediator when “There is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” 1st Timothy 2:5

Prayers in Hospitals Produce Miracles

After the second prayer he was completely healed. He stood up moved around and twisted his body, but there was no trace of pain to be found! The wife was now more than ready to receive her healing! She sat down and the same thing happened to her! The ulcer was gone the moment we prayed, as far is the east is from the west. Glory to God, as their lives will never be the same!

The elderly woman who had witnessed her son and daughter in-law get healed was now more than willing to listen to us. This is one of the biggest reasons for miracles as it’s God’s tool for the unbelievers. Her fever also broke and whatever else was going on in her body was now healed! She felt much better from the looks of things, that she even stood up trying to convince us of her healing! God’s Kingdom had come in that room of “602”. The King’s will was set in their hearts and they became His dominion!

[Compassion + Faith = Miracles]

Combining the gift of healing with a hospital equals the glory of God! I’d also like to state that [Compassion + Faith = Miracles]. Stir up the gifts inside you, as faith is all that’s required to enter heaven, and all that’s required to please God and receive more of His Spirit. Compassion drives us to persistence with a pure heart that pleases Father. “Fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” James 5:16

Don’t stop asking for more of His Spirit! But mediated on the verse of Paul, “Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God” KJV or “For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you” ESV 2nd Timothy 1:6

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