Second Missionary Term Ends

So many people have been radically healed during all these revival services here in Naga. All of this is to the glory of God! He shows us His kindness that leads us to repentance. These people are healed for His glory to continue to spread into the families and communities.

The other night I was at a church where many people were getting healed. Praise God it was another 100% healing revival! All the people with bad backs, knees and joints were healed. A woman with vertigo was healed as well. Then after praying for a group of people, I asked for more to come for prayer. A middle-aged woman begins to walk up along side with young man in his 20’s. It was made clear he was deaf and mute. I spoke to him in sign language asking, “How are you?” Sadly, these province kids don’t get much attention if they are deaf. I don’t even think he could speak sign language. After some prayer his ears opened up! He was no longer deaf and was able to hear clearly. He could hear and speak for the first time of his life! Amazing moments for sure as he repeated the words of the pastor and was speaking too!

After the deaf boy was healed, I looked to pray for the woman who was standing a few feet behind him. But she walked away from me! I was a little confused as to why she walked away. The pastor called her back and she reaches for the microphone. I didn’t know exactly what she said in her language, but it was clear that she got healed! She pointed to her arm and then moved it around. She raised it into the air and smiled. Then she walked away. The presence of God was clearly invited in. Nobody had to pray for her and she was healed!

My second two-year missionary term is ending. I really expected to make missions a lifetime thing, but it appears I am on a detour due to unseen events. There are things that happen in ministry that are hard to explain. The verse that holds dear to my heart in this season is Matthew 5:10 “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” This may sound peculiar to you, especially after sharing with each of you how God is healing thousands around me. But I’ve decided to take a break from missions until God opens doors only that He can open. I’ve got very specific events that must first take place before I’m able to return. Hopefully less than a decade or two, but may God’s will be done.

I have finished my seminary education and am in the process to be ordained in due time. I appreciate the amazing support each of you had given since 2011!  You have made this ministry possible by your generosity! It has been life changing for so many, but I’d do it for even one! We will never know our impact until we are in heaven. Together we have sparked so many Holy Ghost fires in this country of the Philippines!

I have good relationships with everyone here who’s passionate for God. So many pastors and missionaries are asking when I will return to partner with them again in ministry. I love them all but I really don’t know what tomorrow holds for me. Only God does. I simply trust God and follow Him.

It’s also my plan to pay my own way through college. I was’t able to finish when I was younger as I couldn’t qualify for any grants without certain tax forms. But praise God that He has given me wisdom to create wealth. I’ve already started up my new business website and registered my business license. Before I was in missions, I was helping business websites rank up in Google. I plan to go back to ranking and developing websites for income while attending college.

Because they haven’t heard,
Justin Gilpin

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