The Voice of Healing Magazine

Ever wanted to read about God healing people in old magazines or newspapers? I’ve found the perfect place for you to look to fill that satisfaction!

Find top name evangelists like Smith Wigglesworth and A. A. Allan written about praying for healing over the sick. Read incredible stories in the original format the newspaper was printed in! Don’t miss out, because I don’t know how long they will offer this.

Amazing digital format that you can view instantly from the newspaper without having to pay for anything! You heard right! It’s free! They are available for download via PDF file. So it only requires acrobat reader to view.

Voice of Healing

Visit here and begin reading magazines from 1948-1956 when the Pentecostal movement exploded, and is said to be the biggest move of the Spirit since the times of Acts. Again, this is all for free, but I don’t know for how long they will have it available for download!

The Voice of Healing Magazine

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    • You’ll enjoy it for sure 🙂 I know I had a great time reading about my favorite evangelists. Be sure to check out some stories that I’ve written about as God never stopped healing, and I’m so grateful to witness these each week! More blessings to you!


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