Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas!

      I pray that you all are having a great holiday season! I know it’s been awhile since updating you all on my missionary adventures that started about 7 years ago. Despite being on break for 1 1/2 years, God has continued to show His power and love in my life and to the lives around me. I have a couple testimonies to share that took some time to give birth and weren’t revealed to me until I traveled down to Columbus Georgia. 

       During this break, I have been finishing up my seminary studies and going full time to Georgia State College. Currently doing really well in college with a 3.5 GPA, but ready to get back on the field and spread the Gospel. After seminary, I did become a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God and one step away from being ordained. The plan is to go back to the Philippines as a full-term missionary and continue to reap the harvest for His name’s sake, except this time I won’t be going alone. Over the summer I traveled to Thailand to propose to my best friend, Anna Foster. She is also a missionary with the Assemblies of God with a passion to reach the lost. We met at our Georgia ministers meeting here 5 years ago and communicated often since. We found out recently that she started her missionary adventures one day after I did; nearly 7 years ago. We will be getting married next June in Yosemite State Park with a small group of close family and friends, then will immediately raise our support to continue God’s work. 

      While here in Columbus meeting the rest of Anna’s family, I ran into two different couples at Evangel Temple who introduced me to the newest addition to their families. Both families had struggled to have children, but the Great Physician has the last say. It doesn’t matter what doctors say when God says otherwise. Believe and trust His promises for you in your life. One of the couples still had my missionary card with them and quoted me on the back of it. It was encouraging to read it and celebrate with them what God has done in their life. They have a healthy 3 year old boy and so does the other couple. The second couple I hadn’t even met face to face until recently. We had prayed over the phone and God answered. What a blessing to hear their testimonies! 

     I know you haven’t given to this ministry in some time as I’m not currently ministering full time nor do I have a missionary account currently, but want to thank you for having given in the past. Your donations have helped plant churches abroad and send me full time for multiple years to pray and minister to so many in Asia and Georgia. God bless you and your family and have a Merry Christ and Happy New Year!

Your Brother,
Justin Gilpin

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