God Continues To Over Do It!

I’m excited to share with you what God has been doing. Its not been easy as I’ve had to adjust to a lot of changes and different challenges, but I’m very blessed! I have been in the process of making … Read More

Evangelism Training

Many are scared to talk about God as they don’t want to force religion on anybody. I would agree with not wanting to force anything on anybody, as “Kindness of God, leads to repentance”? Are you willing to take a … Read More

Be the Hope for the Hopeless

I pray that everybody is having a Happy New Year! I know I’m definitely excited for what God has in store this year. I also pray that none of you will pay any regards to the Mayans prophecy as its … Read More

Christmas Eve Miracle

I’ve just finished eating dinner on a boat as I bundle up into the assigned bunk bed on my way to Cagayan de Oro for flood recovery. As I relax my thoughts I hear the sound of restless roosters and … Read More

Casting out Demons for the First Time

The month of Thanksgiving has come and gone but I’m excited to share with you what God has done during time. Firstly, I want to say that I am so thankful for everything that I have. I’m blessed with incredible … Read More

Missionary Stories

Before I get started on how I’m now in the Philippines, I’d like to say that God has a sense of humor. What exactly do I mean by that? Well he created you, haha! Okay all jokes aside… God will … Read More

Do Not Conform

Today, is 9-11-11 the 10th anniversary of a tragic day in America. This day will not be forgotten! This day, this post is for you who live in the States, and do not conform to this world! There was a … Read More

Fighting Temptations

This is one of those stories that I can’t ever forget. Feels like something you would only hear about or watch in a Hollywood film. Fighting temptations leaves all feeling disappointed when one gets defeated. Have you ever felt completely … Read More

Life After Death

Here is one of my closest near death experiences that I’ve ever had. I’ve had many, but this one had me in the hospital for 9 days of intense care, and many pints of blood later. Makes you think about … Read More

How To Die

Are you wondering how to die? I’m going to share with you a personal story, then solve the problem that millions of people are trying to figure out! In the beginning… I was a child as I was being feed … Read More